I wish all Americans
and Louisiana comfort
in this time of prayer.

Welcome to JC Lean On Me Internet home of Joe Clark. Joe is a renowned motivational and keynote speaker. He is committed to stimulating individuals to reach the ultimate plateau of their potential. Joe encourages individuals to shoot for the moon because even if you miss you will land amongst the stars. Best known as the man who with the aid of a bullhorn, a baseball bat and the strength of his convictions, took a crime-infested, drug ridden, inner-city high school and transformed it into an institution filled with serious learning and immeasurable pride.

Joe Clark is a startling combination of realist and visionary. Because of this, he has garnered a great deal of national attention, including a Time Magazine cover story, a 60 minute profile, and a book entitled Laying Down the Law, Presidential citations, and the subject of the highly successful movie "Lean On Me."

Today, Joe Clark, serves as Director of the Essex Country Juvenile Detention Center in Newark, New Jersey. He is constantly asked to share his experiences, strategies, and belief with many audiences. To find more out about the man, click on the biography link above.

To discuss Joe Clark sharing his motivational success with your organization, simply contact JC Lean on me, where his message will make a difference in your life.


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